What to Wear in Family Beach Photos

Panama City Beach photographer captures a family reunion long overdue.

How do you effectively pack for a family of five traveling to lively Panama City Beach,FL, for the entire week? Let alone outfit coordinate for family beach portraits? Our pro photographers have seen it all, ketchup stains to baby spit up right when we were capturing the big group photograph. Over numerous situations, we have learned a few tips that will help avoid these photo fails and actually make planning effortless. Remember these few helpful pieces of advice when packing!

Comfort is Key

Remember if you look feel comfortable, you will look at ease and the kids also will be pleasant during the photo shoot. Yes, sometimes that heavy cotton long sleeve is just want you want your 3 year old to wear, but it’s all about finding alternatives so that you can be as cool as possible. Even though most photo appointments are during sunset hour, we still battle with heat and humidity- we are in Florida after all. So keep materials light weight, sleeveless and loose fitting. No one wants a accidental pit stain in a hug photo!

Picking the Right Color Scheme

Think about the photographs color scheme in an opposite way. It’s not so much about choosing a color scheme rather, where are these family beach portraits that are taken in among the suburb sandy white beaches of PCB going to be displayed? Too often this little detail is forgotten. We do not necessarily need a plan where we are going to display the photos, but look around your home. Are there cool tones or warm tones? Choosing a classic Navy, White and Khaki would complement a cool toned home. Almost like art work to hang on the walls. Or if you home if neutral colored and you want a bit of settle colors on the walls, Pastel colors are a refreshing choice. Whatever you decide, try looking through our photo galleries to get some great ideas!

Packing with Ease

Once you have decided on your families beach portrait color scheme now you have to gather all the outfits together. Here are a few helpful tips when packing for this particular vacation activity. Make sure to try on everyone’s outfits before leaving home. You want everyone to feel great in what they are wearing. By having someone try on their outfit can easily fix a last minute, my shorts are too tight!
If you have a baby or toddler, bring a spare change of clothes. By bringing this spare change of clothes to your photo appointment, this just ensures an insurance policy if the little one spits up. Also bringing a diaper bag is a practical option. Make sure to bring all the essentials, wipes, toys, and that spare outfit!
Layout all the outfits to see if you want to change anything. It’s helpful when you visually see everything side by side. You may be stressing about matching the right shade of blues for no reason at all! Layout the outfits and even taken a quick snapshot on your phone to see if you like the outfit choices.
When packing before you leave for your trip, pack your photo appointment outfits in one place. This will help anyone from forgetting their articles at home. Our recommendation if that one person packs the items so that on the day of the big photo shoot, you will be prepared.

Last minute outfit selections

Although planning for vacation can be a daunting task, there is a flip side to that. Forgot your outfit at home? Let’s go shopping! Some folks love to wait until they get to PCB to go shopping for that perfect beach outfit! There are plenty of shopping options that may not be available back home. Beach shops like Alvin’s Island and Sunsations not only have great souvenir novelty items, but they are loaded with beach attire. Options like Pier Park have more main stream shopping options, while if you don’t mind the drive down to Miramar Beach, FL you can splurge at the Silver Sands Premium Outlets.

Take away thoughts from our pro photographer’s would be try to coordinate, not match completely. We do not recommend mixing too many patterns, rather try to incorporate a pattern sparingly. If you have a very large group, pick a few colors, allow different shades of those colors and keep communication open with other family members about the upcoming photo session. And most of all have fun when planning. This is supposed to be an enjoyable family beach activity, just try to relax when packing and give yourself enough time to pack with ease!

Want to see more examples of outfits and color schemes? Here are some samples of sunset family photos and large group sunset photos. And if you are ready to plan your family photo shoot, contact us today.

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