Advice from our Family Photographers in Panama City Beach, FL: Gift Giving and Planning Made Easy

Gift giving can be stressful! A simple gesture to show your love, sometimes becomes the most challenging. Not to worry, our beach photographers are here to help you get creative this year!

Next stop, Panama City Beach! Well at least that’s what most of us are wanted from Santa this year. Reality is most of us are falling back into our routines of school, work and not to mention prepping for the holidays. But it’s never too early to start planning for your next visit to Florida. In fact, this might be a great opportunity to get creative with gift giving this year. As long as the receiving family heads to the PCB every year.

Get thinking about what is the highest priority for the family while on vacation. Is it going out to certain restaurants? Is it experiencing the thrill on the water? Or something more nostalgic like getting profession family photos taken? Many companies offer gift certificates allowing flexible date to redeem!

With all there is to do and see in our beautiful beach town, gift possibilities for the holidays are endless. Our professional Panama City Beach photographers make gifting a family photoshoot fun, easy and affordable.

Shopping for a Family Photographer in Panama City Beach

First off, if you had a great experience with a local photographer in Panama City Beach already, chances are you already someone in mind. If you have never had family photos taken in Panama City Beach, how in the world are you supposed to coordinate this family photoshoot for another family?

Research is key! Visiting websites and portfolios is a good place to start. Another things to consider is the investment. Are you looking to pay for the entire session or just a set amount? Also client reviews are very important. Read through the testimonials to see if any of them resonance with what you’re looking for in a photographer.

Important Factors when booking a Photographer

  • Do they offer Gift Certificates
  • Reputation (Look into Reviews and Website)
  • Variety of a Portfolio
  • Customer Service
  • Reasonable Investment
  • Clarity of what come with Gift Certificates and how to Redeem

A company that has been around for 14+ Years that has outstanding reviews, pricing and sample photos is Smiles Beach Photo. With no fees to have the images taken, your certificate can be directly applied to whatever the client decides to purchase after the photos are taken!

With flexibility on booking you can advise when gifting the certificate, all the family needs to do it call when they start making arrangements for their visit to the beach. The knowledable photographers will help assist selecting the location and appropriate time depending on the time of year.

You can purchase gift certificates as low as $25 dollars to be applied to any purchase. Digital packages start at $199.

Creatively Gifting

Gifting such a unique present deserves to be presented in a unique way. Here are a few ways to present your certificates.

  1. If they had family photos taken in years prior, print one, frame it, wrap it. Write #1 on it. Then take another frame, and place the certificate inside. Wrap it label it #2.
  2. Gather a beach related items. Sunblock, Sunglasses, a beach pale. In the gift basket place the photoshoot certificate.
  3. Present a PCB postcard. You can make it fun by addressing it to Future Family Fun Vacation. Then present gift certificate.

There are so many creative ways to give this fun family gift. You can also assign the gift to the entire family making it a great alternative to purchasing individual items.

Trust Your Photographer

Our professional photographers in Panama City Beach have photographed thousands of families. With this amount of experience, your photographer knows flattering angles and poses to make everyone look and feel their best. They also know how important it is that your photos look the way you desire them to be. So another great quality of a photographer in Panama City Beach is that we are flexible and open to ideas.

We love to collaborate with ideas or if you simply allow us to conduct the entire photoshoot. We promise you will love your beach portraits!

Take away thoughts from our pro beach photographers:

  • Planning ahead can really be a lifesaver. Book mid stay, this will allow time for rescheduling if need be.
  • Get to know the area. When you are driving around pay attention to the roads and traffic around dinner time.
  • The morning of your scheduled beach pictures, make sure everyone has their outfits.
  • Trust the Pro’s to assist you with hair and posing.

Want to see samples of our Family Beach Photoshoots? Here are some samples of sunset family photos and large group sunset photos.

And if you are ready to plan your family photo shoot, contact us today.

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