Getting Ready for Your Family Beach Photos with Panama City Beach Photographers: Smiles Beach Photo 

The best spot for a group photo.

Capturing beautiful family moments on the beach is a special experience, and at Smiles Beach Photo, we want to ensure your photoshoot is as perfect as possible. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for your family beach photos in Panama City Beach.

Hair Styles: Keep It Away from Your Face 

The beach can be windy, so it’s best to style your hair away from your face. Although you may want to show off your luscious locks, pinning a few pieces back can go along way! Also don’t forget to use lots of hair spray, afterall we are in Florida. Check out these recommended hair styles, that will surely make you feel like comfortable results in beautiful . Consider these options: 

  •  Ponytails and Braids: These styles keep hair in place and prevent it from blowing around.
  • Updos:Elegant buns or other updos can look stylish and keep hair neat.
  • Hair Accessories: Use clips, headbands, or scarves to keep stray strands at bay. 

What to Wear for Beach Photos

Colors and Combinations Choosing the right outfit can make a big difference in your photos. Here are some recommendations:

  • Coordinated Colors: Opt for colors that complement each other. Think about shades of blue, white, beige, and pastels that blend well with the beach environment.
  • Avoid Busy Patterns: Solid colors or subtle patterns are preferable as they keep the focus on your faces and expressions.
  • Comfort is Key: Choose comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen are ideal for beach settings.
  • Consider the Footwear: Barefoot looks are often the best for beach photos, but if you prefer shoes, go for sandals or flip-flops that are easy to walk in on sand. 

Looking for more ideas on color combinations for your family photoshoot. Visit our sample gallery from our Panama City Beach Photographers: Sunset Family Photos and Large Group Family Beach Portraits.

 Important Reminders: Glasses and Wristbands

  • Glasses: If possible, avoid wearing glasses to prevent glare and reflections. If you must wear them, consider anti-reflective lenses.
  • Hotel Wristbands: Remove hotel wristbands and other accessories that might distract from the overall look of your photos. We are aware that some hotels/resorts there is a replacement fee. Please stop by your front desk to see the regulations they have on hotel wristbands. (If they are not removable, your high skilled Photographer in Panama City Beach will simply pose around the obstacle.)
A family sitting on the beach.

Additional Tips for a Great Photoshoot

  • Timing is Everything: The best lighting for beach photos is during the golden hour – just after sunrise or before sunset.
  • Hydrate and Snack: Bring water and light snacks, especially if you have young children, to keep everyone happy and energized.
  • Relax and Have Fun: The best photos come when you’re relaxed and enjoying the moment. 

Let us handle the details while you focus on making memories. By following these tips, your family beach photos with Smiles Beach Photo will be a delightful and memorable experience. Whether you’re looking for photographers in Panama City Beach or anywhere nearby, we’re here to capture your precious moments beautifully. 

Just a reminder with Smile Beach Photo, there is No Deposits Required and we offer same day bookings. If you looking for an experience Panama City Beach photographer that won’t break the bank, we may be a perfect fit!

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