Hi, I’m Pat

  • Panama City Beach
  • March – October, 10am – 10pm
  • 850-249-3349

About Me

I’m from a town called Cheltenham right outside northeast Philly. I started working photography in 2012 in Wildwood New Jersey for two summers. Worked a season in Sugarloaf Maine and this will be my seventh year shooting in Florida. No two photo shoots are ever the same, photography is like a puzzle with ever changing pieces. It’s nice working a job where one of your main responsibilities is to make people smile. My favorite aspect is hearing the feedback the day after. Not just on how great the pictures turn out but how some kids “never cooperate with anyone else” or “even dad had a good time”.  I also think it’s cool that the pictures taken last forever in someone’s home. When I’m not working I enjoy playing guitar, lacrosse, corn hole, at the gym, watching the Phillies,or traveling the world. 

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